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Commercial Use Benefits

For those in a commercial setting, this product saves time and money.  With the ease of installation any down time is at a minimum.  Not only is the initial install half of what standard flooring requires the real benefits are in future changes where significant time savings will be realized.

Just imagine, worn flooring in a lobby area can be simply changed out by simple peeling up the existing flooring and laying down a new floor.  No seams, no tongue and groove, no tile and grout.  Little mess, minimal disturbance and a vast improvement to the property.

The Magnetic Building Solutions system allows commercial properties to benefit aesthetically by keeping their spaces current in design and trends.  Therefore, attracting more residents, customers and tenants.  Quickly and easily update any space and retain your company’s visibility and viability.

Take a boutique hotel for example. In order to compete with larger properties that have more amenities, or compete with the ever-growing market of AirB&B properties, they need to stay current and offer an experience to their guests. Competitors spend much more on renovations but you could be a step ahead of the competition with this flooring system. With the MBS system, you won’t have to invest additional funds into cyclical remodels & updates.  AND,  you can reduce the down time and installation costs of renovations with this efficient and effective product.  The style choices of new flooring is expansive and ever growing, to match your company’s needs and aesthetic.



– A typical commercial installation (restaurant, hospital, hospitality – based on 10,000 sq. ft.): Typical tear out remodel requires a 10 to 12 day cycle

MBS tear out and replacement is a 2 day cycle (1 tear, 1 replace)

  • NO –  Tongue & Groove for the installer to cut off the product
  • NO – Locking System
  • NO – Seaming
We have quantified time with this simple equation:

Revenue per hour T(Time) = R(Revenue)/BS(Business Space) /365 (Days)/24 (hours)
If the business space was a casino, for example, with 225,000 sq. ft. of combined gaming space generating revenues of $584,000,000 over the course of a year, then:
T = R/BS/365/24x $225,000 = Revenue per hour for Gaming space
or $0.2962 per sq. ft. per hour ($2,962 for 10,000 sq. ft.)
A traditional installation would take 10 days at minimum.
The MBS System allows the same task to be done in two days. That translates to an 8-Day savings ($568,704.00) in otherwise lost revenues using the MBS system – compared to a conventional installation.

Industries We Serve:

Who will benefit from this revolutionary new flooring system?  Anyone who wants to quickly & easily replace flooring for Utility ~ Durability ~ Aesthetics ~ Wear & Tear ~ Dirt & Stains


  • Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Casinos
  • Retail Environments
  • Restaurants
  • Educational Facilities
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Military
  • Office Buildings

Real Estate

  • Rental Property
  • AirBnB Properties
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Student Housing
  • Assisted Living
  • Senior Living



    • Home Remodels
    • Kids Rooms
    • High Traffic Areas
    • Living Rooms
    • Office
    • Kitchen
    • Wall Applications = use your imagination!
    • WallPaper – Coming Soon!
    • RV Flooring & wall covering

    Real Estate FLooring Solutions

    Creative Magnetic Flooring (CMF) is what will revolutionize the real estate industry in terms of anyone who is a property owner.  With the flexibility of changing out floor coverings in a timely manner, it will dramatically reduce “downtime” when flipping tenants.  This system will also alleviate the high cost of turnovers and renovations.  The initial cost to install the MBS system is comparable to traditional installation costs, so there is no up front investment.  Therefore, you will save money starting on your very first replacement.  In addition to that, with this system, it is not necessary to replace the entire floor covering for stains, wear or damage etc., simply replace only the floor boards, tile or carpet tile that is damaged.  That is an incredible savings over time – both in money spent on new flooring AND labor costs to install AND time spent between rental occupants.  Oh, and did we mention….it is waterproof!  * for tile, LVT, laminate and stone materials.

    In addition to the practical application of this new magnetic flooring in rental environments – everyone Loves the fact that it offers so many design opportunities.  “Once the base layer is applied, the world of design blossoms before your very eyes.  It is so easy to change…or add…or adjust!” – Michael Bennett VP of Sales & Marketing MBS. 

    Properties that age and become dated are more difficult to rent, and more challenging to retain tenants because they are less desirable to live in. With this new flooring system, landlords can easily and effectively update their property and stay with current trends. Carpet is so “last year”, change to the new LVT wood plank flooring to entice new tenants – plus, the LVT is waterproof, so it can offer more practical features to both you and your tenants.  

    Residential Flooring Solutions

    Application for this MBS flooring has many uses in your home as well.  It is the perfect solution in high traffic areas, such as entrances and exits to the yard, where any LVT & wood flooring can sustain more scratches, and wear than other areas of the house.  Rather than be distressed over them, simply and easily replace the damaged boards.  The cost to replace aging flooring in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms is substantial, but styles & tastes change over time.  This system allows owners to update their home at a fraction of the cost.

    Another practical place to use this revolutionary new flooring is in the kid’s bedrooms. As the kids grow from babies to young adults, they not only become a bit messier, they also enjoy changing the décor of their room to match their age and ever-changing tastes. Why not offer them that flexibility for a relatively low cost? Change wall-to-wall carpeting to a waterproof LVT and increase your home value at the same time.

    MBS doesn’t just work on floors either.  This patented system can make an impact just about anywhere, even the walls! 
    An application like this herringbone pattern would take several days using traditional methods, but using the magnetic system and LVT, it took only hours.  And…coming soon…wallpaper!  No more messy installations and hours of steaming off the old pattern to replace it with a new one – now you can update your home as easily as adding new colorful pillows and a fun new décor to your walls.


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