Here at Creative Magnetic Flooring, we have created a revolutionary building system that utilizes interchangeable magnetic technology. We work across all building categories to give designers, consumers, and business owners the capability to change products at will. For instance, when it comes to flooring, it doesn’t take too much effort to change from an LVT product to a ceramic product, to a carpet product, and to a hardwood. With our technology, it drastically changes the residential and commercial purchasing cycle for the better. We believe our technology is the future of construction.


Design & Installations for Commercial & Residential Flooring Projects. 

Why Creative Magnetic Flooring System?


No adhesive bonding

No need for seaming

No tongue & groove installation

No locking systems


Ease of Installation*


Reduced Installation Time


Reduced Down time

* About installation ...

All flooring is Installed by our professionally and highly trained Creative Magnetic Flooring Installers.  The MBS system lasts a lifetime, so there are an unlimited amount of changes that can be made to the flooring over the life of the property.

Save Money


  • Ease of installation reduces install time by our flooring professionals
  • Replacing floors can take days to weeks depending on the size of the job. MBS system makes changes a 2-day cycle: 1 to remove & 1 to replace.
    Less downtime = more money

Minimal labor hours for future flooring changes

  • No floor prep/no mess / depending on the floor, and our professional flooring contractor will get your future magnetic flooring change-out done in minimal time.

The cost to install the MBS product is comparable to current industry standards

  • No additional up front cost

Save The Planet


Underlayment lasts a lifetime

  • less waste of product & labor

Minimal labor hours for future flooring changes

  • No floor prep/no mess — depending on the floor, and quickly installed by our professional magnetic flooring contractors

The system itself utilizes recycled materials



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Industries We Serve:

Who will benefit from this revolutionary new flooring system?  Anyone who wants flooring that can be easily replaced by our contractors for Utility ~ Durability ~ Aesthetics ~ Wear & Tear ~ Dirt & Stains


  • Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Casinos
  • Retail Environments
  • Restaurants
  • Educational Facilities
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Military
  • Office Buildings

Real Estate

  • Rental Property
  • AirBnB Properties
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Student Housing
  • Assisted Living
  • Senior Living



    • Home Remodels
    • Kids Rooms
    • High Traffic Areas
    • Living Rooms
    • Office
    • Kitchen
    • Wall Applications = use your imagination!
    • WallPaper – Coming Soon!
    • RV Flooring & wall covering

    What Kinds of Applications…

    This product is so versatile, your imagination is the only limit to what can be done with it!  Use it as flooring, wall paneling, & fireplace surrounds.  Use in areas of high traffic such as entrances, bathrooms & hallways.  Use in retail areas where you can highlight different seasons with color & texture.   Options are vast and growing everyday.  Visit our gallery for more inspiration.

    Materials We Offer:

    • Wood Flooring
    • Tile
    • Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)
    • Laminates
    • Carpet
    • Granite
    • ** Coming soon – wallpaper
    • Wall Paneling 

    Professional Installation

    All magnetic flooring is installed by our highly trained and professional flooring contractors. 

    “Imaging if you could repair a piece of flooring by just pealing up that section and replacing it… YOU CAN with Creative Magnetic Flooring solutions!”

    Do you have a space more than 5,000 sq. ft?

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