Creative Magnetic Flooring is the featured flooring product as featured on the new Netflix® series “Instant Dream Home”

Chip Wade from Instant Dream Home now airing on Netflix®

“The evolution of flooring is constantly changing to fit new aesthetics, larger plank widths and easier installation. Here is a brand new product that fits this bill to a tee.”

– Chip Wade, Instant Dream Home Producer

Now because there’s no glue, there’s also no VOC’s. You could pick this up later, re-use it or give it away if you’d like as well now because it’s magnetic.

Video transcript

Hey, I’m Chip and welcome to set. I am so excited to join you guys in a tour of this beautifully renovated space. We’re going to go through every room and show you some of the amazing products which made it possible. I want it.

First impressions are what it’s all about. And it starts with the front door, a solid hardwood, heavy front door, and a matching heavy duty quality lock set. Set the tone for quality as you enter the space. Having a dining table in close proximity to the front of the front door is completely okay, especially since we have this partitioned shelving unit which insinuates that there’s an entry or for a check out the rest of the house.

Welcome to the kitchen. This truly stunning heart of the home is really a simple style. You notice the light color palette from the floor all the way up to the backsplash is highly contrasted by the black metallic finishes. By the way, Matte Black is super popular right now, and it’s really the feather in the cap of this kitchen.

Here in the living room. One of the most important things is the feeling of comfort. And I think the design team really achieved that with this earthy color palette. These rich, warm greens and browns and yellows play so nicely off the rich brown leather furniture again, black finishes on the lighting, carry it over from the black finishes in the kitchen. It makes it all stay together.

The evolution of flooring is constantly changing to fit new esthetics, larger plank widths and easier installation. Here is a brand new product that fits this bill to a tee. It is from creative magnetic flooring. These are LVT or “Luxury Vinyl Planks” that are super easy to install, even for a DIY or with standard household tools. There’s no glue, there’s no nails, there’s no fastening. It all sticks down with magnets. Now, before you say magnets, and that seems crazy, let me show you exactly how it works. It starts with a magnetic self-stick underlayment. This goes down in one direction and your LVT planks go down perpendicular to that. Now the LVT planks don’t just magically stick. They’re coated with Ferrite on the back, which actually creates that magnetic bond. The beauty is it’s removable. Look at this. It goes out seamlessly, smoothly. These wide planks are ready to walk on instantaneously! Now because there’s no glue, there’s also no VOC’s. You could pick this up later, re-use it or give it away if you like as well now because it’s magnetic. Also thought about that and made it safe for all of your electronics, your credit cards, pacemakers, you name it. It’s not only beautiful, it’s practical, and it’s DIY.

Master bedroom design constantly evolves, and it evolves because of modern lifestyle. Here in this renovation, the master bathroom has a large square footage. We have an adequate sized master bedroom. But you notice we brought all of the clothing storage outside in this room, leaving only a sitting area and a beautiful bed set up. This allows you to focus your budget on very visually appealing items and not have to decorate with furniture. Thanks so much for joining me on this House tour. I hope that you’ve been inspired with some of these classic looks and beautiful, timeless esthetics that’ll never go out of style.

Our Magnetique technology is a revolutionary building system that utilizes the MBS underlay system with our unique collection of ferrite backed LVP to create interchangeable magnetic flooring.

There's no glue


There's no nails


There's no fastening

It all sticks down with magnets

Instant Dream Home ©2022 is a property of Netflix® and all images and videos are used with permission of the Instant Dream Home productions. Magnetique™ and all other assets are property of Creative Magnetic Flooring, LLC.

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