It’s on the Wall

Transform a room using the innovation of magnetic with beautiful wallpaper designs.

Easy installation with no mess or VOC*

Easily refresh a room décor with removable and replaceable wallpaper

Unique curated designs

Install today and take it with you later

Custom Magnetic Wallpaper

Taking magnetic to the wall is the latest innovation in our product line. Imagine converting a wall into a unique mural that is breathtaking. The patented technology makes it easy to install wallpaper without mess or VOC. This revolutionary system is the solution for designers who enjoy changing rooms around. The magnetic wallpaper can be installed, removed, and replaced with ease.

No professional installer needed. Once you decide on the wall you will transform, the installation is a do-it-yourself experience. The wallpaper system includes an underlayment that you once and comes together with the wallpaper with little effort. Look at our video and see how we installed the wallpaper at the SURAFACES Calibu Vineyard Show Home in Malibu.

The magnetic wallpaper product line comes as an expansion of the magnetic flooring products from CMF. Although magnetic isn’t new, it is new in the use of wallpaper and flooring. The magnetic wallpaper is made possible because with the installation of interchangeable magnetic

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* Volatile organic compounds are gasses emitted into the air from certain solid or liquid products or process. Some are harmful. Creative Magnetic Flooring has zero VOC.

Testing: the magnetic system has undergone testing for: sound transmission, flame retardancy, health and safety, rolling load and water vapor transmission.

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