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What is MBS Flooring

Creative Magnetic Flooring uses the MBS Underlayment System. This underlayment system is a flooring specific building solution utilizing magnetic technology from MBS.

It Saves Money Substantially

It Saves Time Dramatically

It Simplifies Completely

The Future of Flooring Solutions

About MBS Flooring & How it Works

Professionally Installed by Creative Magnetic Flooring

Creative Magnetic Flooring (CMF) uses the Magnetic Building Solutions (MBS) underlayment system to revolutionize the flooring industry.  This innovative new product is simple to install by our trained contractors, cost-effective & offers incredible design flexibility.

Here is how it works:

The base layer (A) is the magnetic layer.  It comes in a roll.  It can be rolled out over any smooth, clean, dry sub floor (concrete or wood)

The top layer (B) is any flooring product containing ferrite powder. When the top layer (B) is placed on the base layer (A), they form a magnetic bond.

Or, more commonly, the receptive material (made from ferrite powder) is adhered to the flooring via cold-press at the end of the manufacturing process.  (carpet, broadloom, ceramic, porcelain, stone). 

The result is a tight magnetic bond between the subfloor and finished floor that is virtually weatherproof.  The magnetic subfloor acts as a sound barrier and even provides crack isolation protection for ceramic floors.

Benefits of MBS


MBS virtually eliminates the need for adhesive bonds, there is no need to seam the underlayment.


The installation is environmentally friendly = NO VOC’s


Easily installed by our trained flooring professionals


Virtually Waterproof



Simple installation allows changing from carpet to wood in hours instead of days


Reduces “down time” for commercial & real estate properties


Versatile – works on floors and walls



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